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#YorkshireLovesFairtrade 2016

In 2016 Linda is asked all Fairtrade supporters across Yorkshire and the Humber to share photos of themselves with Linda's Facebook and Twitter page with Fairtrade products outside iconic places in the region using the hashtag #YorkshireLovesFairtrade. Fairtrade Fortnight (29 February - 13 March) covers two weeks of activity demonstrating how buying Fairtrade products can improve the lives of people in the developing world. 


Fairtrade Bake Off at the European Parliament 

As part of Fairtrade Fortnight, Labour MEPs and their staff held a cake sale in the European Parliament to raise money for Linda’s charity of the year, Tasibeh Girls School in Pindi, Pakistan.

Amazingly due to generous donations a whopping total of €527.20 was raised! This huge amount will be greatly appreciated by the school, which is a vitally important place in giving the girls and women in an impoverished part of the world an opportunity to gain skills and knowledge which will help them in the long-term to further their careers. Over 100 girls and young women now attend the school on a regular basis, so this money will go very far in supporting these girls and their teachers in gaining a firm foundation of a basic education. See their website for more information:

It's been great to see such wide support for fair trade both in the European Parliament and at home. Well over 1,400 Fairtrade breakfasts being held throughout the UK and we are only a few days into Fairtrade Fortnight. Labour MEPs have helped develop EU policies to give Fairtrade producers support from EU funds and ensure Fairtrade has visibility in the European Parliament itself through contracting for Fairtrade tea and coffee to be served in the Parliament building.

It is only by being members of the European Union that we can best help the millions of farmers and workers who are going hungry because they cannot get a good price for their produce. Only by working together can we do the most for those in the greatest need. Fairtrade means producers get a fair price, enabling them to fulfil a human right that is often taken for granted: putting food on the table for their families. These farmers are feeding the world, yet are unable to feed themselves - this must change, and change now.

L-R Julie Ward MEP, Seb Dance MEP, Claire Moody MEP, Afzal Khan MEP, Linda McAvan MEP
Labour in Europe - European Parliamentary Labour Party