BBC Radio Sheffield – my reaction to the Brexit vote in Parliament

BBC Radio Sheffield – my reaction to the Brexit vote in Parliament

16 January 2019

Here’s my reaction on BBC Radio Sheffield this morning to the Brexit vote - explaining what people here in Strasbourg are saying about it. The key message from Michel Barnier and my MEP colleagues was hardly a surprise: Theresa May’s deal is the best deal possible within the constraints of her redlines, but change the red lines and the door is open to more talks and to a possible extension of the March 29 deadline to allow for a sensible solution - a general election, a referendum or a new deal. I’ve heard much huffing and puffing from Tory Brexiters about how the EU must now make concessions, but how is the EU supposed to know what concessions would get a Commons majority when MPs voted against for different reasons and when the hardliners really want is no deal. Theresa May will probably survive tonight’s no confidence vote and yet we still have no inkling of her Plan B. Shambolic. She should go.

You can hear what I had to say with Toby Foster on BBC Radio Sheffield below.  

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